During my tenure of nearly 30yrs with the Central Kitsap School District everyone who knew me well understood that I lived my values on a daily basis.  Whether I was working with the children or dealing with staff and faculty,  honesty was my #1 emphasis. 

    I always fought for the underdog and never tolerated bullying of any kind!

    Now it appears that parents and in general the residents of Washington state are the underdogs!  Neither the Democrats, who have dominated in both houses of the legislature for decades, nor the Govenore of our great state are listening to YOU!

    I will work  to return control to parents.  As a parent you,  and you alone should have the control over your children's future.  That includes what they learn in school!  Additionally, there should be no areas where others are permitted to keep any information from parents about the health of their child.

    Schools are one of the states paramount duties.  Teachers and all other district employees certainly deserve decent salaries.  Our children definitively deserve curriculum which allows for each child to reach the highest intellectual level they can attain!  But that is not the approach  currently in use.  And elementery school children do not have a need for a mandated sexual education curriculum. (Please go to OSPIs  site to view some of the approved curriculums)

    Next up is the budget.  We are going into the most critical period financially of this countrys' history, far worse than the great depression.  Belt tightening is in order, cutting of taxes to stimulate the economy and certainly no new agencies or any other government  enlargement .

    I stand for the constitution of Washington state and the United States of America.  That means 1st and 2nd amendment rights which are under attack will not be tolerated. The constitution is very specific in saying that no laws shall be made prohibiting the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, that certainly includes the right to work and support your family.

    Lastly, I will be totally transparent and honest in everything that I do in Olympia.

    © Pam Madden-Boyer. All Rights Reserved. 2020

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